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Today was just really, really beautiful. So much thought about the future took place and I realized that I am crazy excited about it and then the fear walks in right after the excitement. But hey, it’s been 21 years that I’ve been kicking Fear’s ass so I hope that I’m gonna be able to keep doing so. 

To the future.

Dublin, Ireland

Today was just really, really beautiful. So much thought about the future took place and I realized that I am crazy excited about it and then the fear walks in right after the excitement. But hey, it’s been 21 years that I’ve been kicking Fear’s ass so I hope that I’m gonna be able to keep doing so.

To the future.

Dublin, Ireland


if u watch closely while i take tests u can see me mouthing profanity at the test paper

my classmate on the other hand actually shouts profanity at the test paper

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Finally, after what seems like forever, this is the first Easter Break that I’m gonna have wherein I have nothing academic to do. I never thought there would come a time that I would say this but, thank gods for final year and thesis. Haha.

Missed this ♡

Missed this ♡

Dear You,

31.) I never expected us to be this good together. Your interests are far from mine, your personality is far from mine, your taste in stuff is far from mine yet we don’t clash. At all. Here I can clearly say that two people don’t have to have completely the same interests to click with each other. I mean we’re not completely opposites but we have our differences. But despite of these differences, at the end of the day we still get kilig over the same thing, we still frown upon horrible ideas, we still laugh at stupid, silly stuff. Hey, we even hate the same people haha! I’m really lucky to have found a friend like you. Yes, I am proclaiming myself a friend of you because my mukha is makapal like that haha! Because hey if we’re not at least friends, how do we know what each other’s thinking by just looking at each other, right? Even our bituka is magkakabit, if you know what I mean. I’m really happy that lately we’ve been sharing more and more of ourselves to each other. We even talk to each other more than ever and you do know that you’re an essential part of my day right? Like you might be the number one person I’m looking forward to be with in college everyday. I know I can talk to you about anything and everything under the sun without filtering my words and thoughts and I know you wouldn’t judge me. At least I hope you don’t. Thanks for still putting up with me even after seeing how bitchy and moody and how bad a person I can be. Thanks for just listening to my rants and just seconding my every motion most times. I hope you know that I’m here for you just as you are for me. I can be the ears that you need if you want to vent something out because I know I always vent out on you, you know suklian ba. I can be your support system in every aspect of your life, may it be about the guySSS (yes, guys) of your dreams or just plain trash-talking people haha. I will always be just there. Here’s to more BS sessions! I rubb yu ♥

32.) I know we barely have anything in common but why do we still waste time liking each other? Haha! Our friendship was so unexpected because we were from the opposite sides of the world. When you were on the right, I was on the left. When you were up there, I was down here. We never even clicked at first but as time went by, slowly, we did. And it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for everything. Alam mo na yan. Haha! No matter how matigas my ulo was back then, you never gave up on me. I really don’t know what I did so well to deserve someone like you in my life. I sometimes think I’m still undeserving, so thank you. Thank you for bringing me to my bus stop most of the time, for bringing desserts to college, for the scarf that you will get me in the future hahahaha. And though we don’t see each other as much as we used to, I know that you’re still there. And though you might not be physically there, I know you’re just a text or an fb message away. And please know that even if my replies are always expired haha, I still mean them from the bottom of my good heart. And please, please know that I’m here all the time. I’m here if you wanna have a laugh or two, I’m here if you wanna eat, I’m here if you wanna make gala, I’m here if you wanna cry. Though I may not be the best comforter in the world, I can always stand beside you while you’re having all the drama in your life. But don’t worry, pag-aaralan ko haha and I might be good at it someday and I might be of use to you. I’m sorry if sometimes I can’t filter my thoughts and curse in front of you XD I know you hate it, sorry. I’m also sorry for doing stuff that you don’t want me to do, I try, you know. But you know, even if I have so much personal flaws in life I’m happy that you put all my bad aspects aside and just look at me as your friend and though I know that you’re not always in complete agreement with what I do with my life you never force me to change. I know you already know this but yeah, I will always try to be of use to you whenever you need me, always. I rubb yu ♥

33.) You are one of the biggest headaches that I don’t really need in my life at this moment but hey, you manage to cling on to me! I never really told you how thankful I am to have you found me. I’m super super thankful that I have you in my life right now. I may never say this to you while having a straight face because we both know we’re not like that but man, I love you. I love you as a person because you are probably the first person in a long time who showed me the real you, no pretensions whatsoever. And for that, I admire you. I love how comfortable we are with each other too. I mean, you can tell me everything to the tiniest details and you wouldn’t even flinch like. You’d tell me the weirdest things like they were pretty natural. And I like it because it’s been quite a while since I felt that kind of trust in me. I know you can be a lot of trouble sometimes and no matter how smart you are, you can also be the stupidest human being alive but you know that just makes you, well you. And it’s part of the person you are I have come to love. I just hope you don’t go downward spiral with regards to all your emotional chuchu and I hope you manage to think with your brain even if I were not there to give you my awesome words of wisdom because I know you’re smart but you are one of the most emotional boys I know too so please just be careful. And thank you, for being a real friend to me though you tend to be a full on dickhead to other girls. You might be the only person of the opposite sex I’m super super comfortable with. And thank you for making me genuinely laugh for stuff you both consciously and unconsciously do.

34.) Thank you for accepting me little by little lately. Though I’m still nangangapa on how to approach you, I’m fairly happy that somehow you don’t throw me those dirty looks anymore. Haha, well you didn’t really throw me dirty looks but you know what I mean. Anyway yeah, I still don’t know whether I should talk to you first or not but I think I’m kinda getting there. I think I’m kinda slowly making my way to your heart you know. Chos. But on a serious note, thank you for all the random sweetness you’ve been throwing at me lately though I’m still not sure if you just do them because you want to or because you have to. Pero hello, magrereklamo pa ba ako? I just really wish that someday we reach a point where I could ring you up, ask you to see me and you would. I wish that someday you would be finally rid of whatever animosity you feel towards me. I really want the day to come when you would just invite me out to go people watch with you or discover new places with you. I might be crazy but I also hope that one day, in your times of distress and you again feel the need to be alone, you’d contact me and talk to me and would want me there beside you. Ugh I really can’t figure out why I feel so strongly towards you. It’s like I just want to be super close to you. I don’t know what it is in you that makes me feel this way, it’s like I wanna be just there for you. You know what my biggest regret is? It’s the fact that I actually pissed you off on purpose the first few times we were together. If I could turn back time, I would act differently around you so as not to put you off and maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be working so hard right now pleasing you. Huhu. I’m not even this way to other people, you know. I never had the urge to please someone, never had the urge to make someone actually like me but you’re an exception. Huhu. I really don’t know what to do anymore :(

35.) Hey you! You went rushing into my life and usually I don’t do so well in these situations but it’s different with you. You’re such a jolly little creature and somehow you inflict some of your bright personality in me. It’s only been months since I first met you but hey look at us now. I’m happy that someone like you could have found something in me that actually made you stay. I know that you’re also like this to others but still, thank you for giving someone like me a chance. I’m about one of the most unlikeable personalities you will ever meet but still you weren’t put off by the first impressions of me I gave you. I’m just really sorry that sometimes you’d ask a favour from me and I couldn’t get myself to do it because of circumstances whereas I ring you once, you pick up, say yes to whatever I want to do and happily do all of them so. Huhu. If you only know how guilty I am every time I say no to you. Pero promise, as I’ve said babawi ako ng bonggang bongga. I’m also super happy because I finally found someone of my level that says whatever she wants to and acts like how she feels like acting. It’s nice to know lang that there’s someone out there who’s like me din pala. I know our friendship is still new-found and anything can still happen to it but I will surely work for it to last a very long time.


I seriously don’t know what to do with you anymore. One minute you’re all clingy and the next you treat me like air. The worst thing is I’m not even supposed to feel this way or mind you this much. You somehow crept your way in to my life then when you’re sure you disheveled everything there ever was to be disheveled, you walk away. What the hell is wrong with you? 

Team Halloween Girls reunited ♥
D|Two Nightclub and Garden 
Dublin, Ireland

Team Halloween Girls reunited 

D|Two Nightclub and Garden

Dublin, Ireland

  • Me: *forced a friend to do something for me which he didn't really want to but he did anyways haha*
  • Me: Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
  • Friend: Do I have a choice? You're like the little sister that I never ever wanted.


Today was beautiful